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Lawrence M. Watkins, Specsure Property Inspections

4 Quick Fall Home Maintenance Tips



As summer comes to a close, it’s time to prep your home for the blustery weather that’s soon to come. As a leading home inspection company in Western New York, we know all about things that can go wrong in the winter. That’s why we’re sharing these four fall home maintenance tips so you can ready your home accordingly.


  1. Examine Walkways for Cracks and Uneveness


Give your walkways a thorough examination to check for cracks and loose paver material. You definitely want to fit this fall home maintenance task in your schedule before snow and slippery weather hits, as damaged walkways can increase the risk of trips and falls.


  1. Clean and Repair Siding


Siding can become dirty or coated with mildew after a hot and humid Buffalo summer, and you want to clean it up before the temperatures dip. Use a pressure washer to clean off the grime, and then inspect for damage and areas that need to be fixed.


Use your smartphone camera to zoom in on harder-to-see areas, looking for warped or rotten materials, cracked or missing caulking, and cracks in the joints where two pieces of siding meet. Fix smaller issues by applying a bit of caulk into gaps on the surface of cleaned and dry siding, and then smooth it with your finger. Hire a pro for larger issues, such as siding that needs to be replaced.


  1. Inspect and Clean Fireplace and Chimney


Get your fireplace set for Western New York winter with a cleaning and inspection. Hire a professional for this fall home maintenance task, ideally someone certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America who is qualified to clean, inspect and repair your chimney and fireplace. Fireplace inspections are best done at least once a year, and fall is a prime time to do them.


  1. Ready Your Furnace


Buffalo-area winters require a furnace that’s in excellent working order, and you can ensure that’s the case with a furnace tune-up. Hopefully you’re already changing your unit’s air filter once a month to keep your system running smoothly, and you can increase efficiency even further by vacuuming accumulated debris out of your vent covers at least twice a year.


Calling in a pro for a pre-winter furnace tune up is a good idea, as the contractor can ensure your system’s blower motor, heat exchanger, electrical and gas connections, and thermostat are all working properly.


Taking the time to complete these fall home maintenance tips can result in loads of time and money saved down the line. You’re also likely to enjoy a winter that’s safer overall as well as warmer and cozier inside your home.