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8 Tips to Freshen Indoor Paint Finishes

paint freshen8 Tips to Freshen Indoor Paint in Your Western New York Home


Being stuck indoors during a Western New York winter can be dreary, but that doesn’t mean the interior of your home has to be. Extensive time inside gives you plenty of time to spruce up and freshen indoor paint. And you don’t necessarily need to repaint your entire Buffalo area home to achieve a vibrant new look. These eight tips can get you started.


Kick off with a cleaning.


Paint that looks tired, drab or peppered with smudges may simply need a cleaning and not a full-fledged paint job. A wipe-down with mild detergent and sponge can remove dust and dirt, while a once-over with a Magic Eraser sponge can get rid of smudges and marks. The end result may be brilliant enough to skip a repainting altogether.


Spiff up the trim.


Repainting the trim around your Buffalo area home interior can make the whole place pop. While the job is tedious, it’s not necessarily difficult. White trim is a standard that makes the walls standout while creating a crisp, clean look – but the color palette is wide open. Choose different trim colors for each room to match existing themes. A color that complements the walls will produce a cohesive look, while a contrasting color will make the walls appear brighter and bolder.


Revitalize the doors.


If you freshen indoor paint on the trim, you may as well do the doors while you’re at it. Again, the color field is wide open. Doors that match the trim will give you a unified look. Contrasting door colors can add a bold, playful vibe.


Revamp the cabinets.


Repainting the kitchen cabinets can totally transform the look of your kitchen, and there’s nothing that says you have to stick with traditional colors. Aqua blue, royal blue, lime green, white and other bright colors can enliven the entire space. Dark greens, greys and browns can add an air of sophistication.


Make resuming easy.


If you don’t finish a painting project in a single day, wrap the paint tray and tools with a damp rag and put a large plastic bag around them to keep them from drying out overnight. Make the bag airtight with a twist tie or rubber band at the top, then open to resume painting when ready.


Reduce clean-up hassle.


Lining the paint tray with tinfoil can eliminate the hassle of endlessly rinsing out the tray when you’re done. Hardware stores also sell paint tray liners that serve the same purpose.


Reduce the indoor paint smell.


New paint may look great, but it can smell rather noxious. Opening the windows to let in fresh air can help, although it’s not always possible during Western New York winter. Another fix is to mix a tablespoon of clear vanilla extract directly into the paint can.