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Lawrence M. Watkins, Specsure Property Inspections

Stop Summertime Pests in Their Tracks

pestsSpring Safeguards to Prevent Summer Pests in Buffalo Area Homes


Spring time can be a glorious time in Western New York, as the weather starts to warm up and the earth starts to wake up. But keep in mind that summer pests will soon be waking up, too, making spring a prime time to take preventative measures to keep them at bay. Get a head start on summer pests by performing a home inspection in five key areas in and around your Buffalo area home.


Windows and Doors


Window and door screens are your first defense against insects attempting to get inside, and spring is a great time to give them a careful cleaning and inspection. Look for holes, rips and loose fittings, repairing or replacing as needed. Also check the seals around all windows and doors, ensuring they are likewise in tiptop shape.


Cupboards and Appliances


Spring cleaning should definitely extend to your pantry and cabinets, with a thorough clean-out of both. Remove all items from cabinets and drawers, wipe down shelves and replace any shelf or drawer liners as needed. Get rid of expired items, especially flour and other baking ingredients that are huge draws for insects.


Inspect the backs of your pantry and cabinets for any potential entry points for summer pests; plug up or repair as required. Another prime place for entry points is behind large appliances. Pull out and vacuum behind appliances, sealing off any potential pest openings you find.


Water Sources


Water sources can be a major attraction for silverfish, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other summer pests both inside and outside your Western New York home. Look for signs of moisture inside the home by checking for loose bathroom tiles, weak caulking, leaky faucets and wet areas in cabinets beneath your sinks. Repair caulking and leaks as needed.


Give your Buffalo Niagara area yard a once over to eliminate any unintentional collectors of standing water. These can include buckets, toys, outdoor play equipment, low ground spots or areas beneath leaky downspouts. Fill in holes and low areas, fix leaky spouts and reposition play equipment to prevent water from collecting going forward.


Storage Areas


Clutter that’s accumulated in your garage, shed, attic and closets can provide optimum nesting and hiding places for rodents, moths and other pests. Give your storage areas a thorough cleaning, replacing cardboard storage boxes with lidded, plastic tubs.




Western New York’s harsh winters can damage your home’s foundation, something you may not notice unless you’re specifically looking for it. Tour your home’s interior and exterior, paying close attention to any cracks or holes in the foundation where pests could easily enter your home.


Even the tiniest cracks can be enough for roaches to skitter through, while mice can shimmy through holes about the size of a dime. Seal up cracks and holes with caulking and steel wool as needed.


Taking heed of these preventative tips can go a long way toward ensuring your Buffalo Niagara summer is filled with sunshine and fun times – without an onslaught of unwanted summer pests.